10 Tips for Jet Lag Prevention for International Travelers

10 Tips to Prevent Jet Lag for international travelers

Jet lag. Jet lag is the enemy of all travelers, especially those who, like us, work full time and have only a week or two to make the most of their holiday. We traveled for nearly 15 years together and the fight against jet lag for the same amount of time. I was always a little better to prevent jetlag as Romeo, mostly because he really loves a good nap on vacation. Over the years, we have learned the hard way how to avoid jet lag so we can hit running the floor.

Rest Get a good night before boarding

procrastination is not your friend if you want to avoid jet lag. This is one of the hardest things for me. No matter how I plan to start preparing for a trip in advance, I am invariably until 2:00 am packing the night before. This is a terrible habit if you want to avoid jet lag. Do not go in the journey already missing sleep. Try to go to bed early or at least at a decent hour the night before a trip.

Drink lot of water, then drink more water

Stay Hydrated Tips for Jet Lag Prevention for International Travelers
hydration is important to ward off jet lag.

dehydration gives the feeling of a horrible hangover, which is why jet lag feels so bad. The best thing to do to avoid jet lag is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Airlines generally do not serve the passengers, almost enough water to stay hydrated, so buy a bottle of water or fill a reusable water bottle at the airport before boarding the plane and accept the water when flight attendants come by.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

caffeine and alcohol are dehydrators more they tamper with your sleeping habits, so it is best to avoid caffeine and alcohol before and during your flight.

Use Jet supplements Lag

1Above Jet Lag Supplement Tips for Jet Lag Prevention for International Travelers
1 above helps prevent jet lag and keeps you hydrated.

In addition to staying hydrated, you can use supplements to help prevent jet lag. I recently started using 1 above, which contains six essential electrolytes and vitamins B and Pycnogenol. These ingredients moisturize, increase energy, and reduce the duration and severity of jet lag. 1 above comes in a concentrated liquid or effervescent tablets that can be added to water. They can also pass through both safety. I much prefer the taste (and smell) of the tablets. I’ve never used it, but I’ve also heard great things about using melatonin for the prevention of jet travel companions shift. I avoid sleeping pills like they usually just make me feel groggy and I never seem to get the full amount of necessary sleep.

sleep on the plane

Eye Mask and Neck Pillow Tips for Jet Lag Prevention for International Travelers
I love my memory foam pillow!

This has always been one of Romeo falls in late Prevention jet. Now that the aircraft have personal options flight entertainment, it is still concerned that there is a great film, he will be missed, so he ended up watching movies during the flight rather than getting the sleep he can. Especially if you arrive at your destination early in the day, try to get as much sleep as possible and put out the entertainment. A eye ​​mask and ear plugs can help block sound and light during the flight and a good pillow The memory foam neck will push a cramp neck.

Arrive In Late Evening or afternoon

arrival time is not always a factor you can control, but when you can, opt to arrive later in the day so you do not have to stay awake too long before it’s bedtime. No matter how much sleep you are able to get on the plane, it’s never really enough to feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated for a whole day.

Stay Awake Until Bedtime

If you do arrive early in the day, don ‘t fall asleep! The exception to this rule is that if you arrive at the ungodly hour of 4:00 am, as we did when we went to Georgia (country) . Then you can get a few hours sleep before starting your day, but start your day, you have to. At any other time of arrival, avoid naps and get out there and start your holiday. It will feel brutal, but it is sure to take your jet lag down from several days to one or two.

adjust to your new time zone as quickly as possible schedule

Adjust Watch Time Tips for Jet Lag Prevention for International Travelers
Set your watch local time of your destination. ( Jord Swiss Luxury Watch Frankie Wood )

Sometimes jet lag prevention is about mind over matter. As soon as you get on the plane, set your watch to the local time at your destination. Once you’ve arrived, do not think about what time it is at home, because this will make you feel exhausted immediately. If your spouse starts to tell you what time it is at home because he can not simply help, give him a dirty look.

Drink in sunlight

Being in sunlight is one of the best things to help your body adjust to your new time zone. On your first two days, try to spend as much time walking around outside as possible so that natural light helps reset your body clock. Also walking in a new city is a great way to gain your bearings and become familiar with your destination.

Eat breakfast while traveling

We do not usually eat breakfast at home, especially during the work week. However, we found that breakfast while traveling we do wonders. For one thing, it gives us something we do every day to a little planning and structure. It also gives us a lot of energy for the day, which is particularly useful in the fight against the effects of jet lag.

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