33 best jobs in travel to make money Voyager

33 Best Jobs Travel To make money Voyager

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The Best travel jobs

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the best jobs in travel allow you to earn income while exploring the world. Examples of real life of people living the dream -. Money making travel abroad

If you like to travel as much as I do, but can not afford to stop working completely, you’re in luck. There are actually a lot of job opportunities travel to make money to travel the world.

Whether looking for opportunities to trade work for housing or landing a job independent of the location that gives you the freedom to travel abroad -. You have options

The reason why I am able to travel the world for the last 5 years is because I slowly turned my travel blog in a company .

Whatever it is certainly not the only way to travel in the long term.

Earn money Voyager

First a little disclaimer. If all jobs that travel were easy, everyone would be doing it. Many of these occupations require passion, specialized training, time commitment and talent. For those who do not, pay is just not great.

There is no magic solution to make big money instantly travel.

The truth about becoming independent of the location is that it takes years of hard work and sacrifice behind the scenes -. something too many people conveniently ignore

that said, it is impossible to work and travel either. People who have fun travel jobs have invested their time and resources to learn how to operate -. This means you can do the same thing if you make it a priority

We all have the same 24 hours, how will you spend yours?

Expat, or digital Nomad Vagabond?

Not all jobs “travel” are created equal. Wanderlust opportunities listed here fall within the following categories – expatriate jobs, jobs digital nomads, or what I’ll call wandering. What is the difference you ask?

Expat Jobs

Expat means “expatriates”. Meaning while you are a citizen of a country you choose to live / work in a foreign country. Expat only jobs are related to travel you work in a country different from yours. You can live in this country for months or years at a time, so you’re not exactly nomadic

Examples :. teacher, nanny, British Foreign Service, etc.

Digital Nomad

Digital Nomads work their computers. This location makes them independent. As long as they have Internet access, they can earn a living. Blogging falls into this category, it also describes my lifestyle. digital nomads are free to travel at will, cafés or hotels

Examples :. business online, freelance writing, social media, etc.


Vagabonds do the work that I will call for travel jobs “alternative”. The type of work that may not need a computer, but a more practical approach. Think of musicians, artists, or manual labor. Access to the Internet or own a computer are not mandatory requirements. Pay can sometimes be under the table

Examples :. Saleswoman street, musician, agricultural work, etc.

Best Travel Jobs (2016)

The following travel jobs encompass one or more of these categories. If you want the security of a permanent job, but you also want to live in another country and work abroad in a regular type of full-time position could be better.

Keep in mind all of these jobs are suitable for everyone. If you have a university degree, you might not be as willing to pick berries on a farm that someone else might be. Or maybe you are! I will not judge.

We all have different levels of comfort backgrounds, skills and.

Traveling Bartender Job - Travel Tips

Jeremy Bartending and Voyager

Bartender / Server

, bars, nightclubs and restaurants are located around the world and the job description is pretty much the same everywhere. It helps to speak the language, so you may need to invest in a few weeks of language classes. Touristy places will be easier to find work and there are no minimum or maximum time requirement. Moreover, the more experience you gain as a bartender, opportunities will open up more jobs with higher income potential.


My buddy Jeremy traveled and worked as a bartender in Australia


$ 1000 -. $ 4000 per month


Run Travel Tours - Travel Tips

Food Tours in Spain with Lauren

Tour Guide Travel

You might consider getting a job as local tourist guide or tour assistant for an international company, or one or popular place for large multi-destination tours. Or you can think of and start your own business visits! Maybe these are the best spots in unmarked surf, an impressive journey of local hiking, or showing people the coolest bars and restaurants.


My friend Lauren began a success food tour company in Spain


$ 1000 -. $ 10,000 per month


Traveling Translator - Travel Tips

working Maria as a translator

Freelance translator

obviously you need to know a second language to be a translator, but maybe not as much as you think. Of course, you probably will not be working at the UN, but the opportunities are also open your imagination. You could load a restaurant to translate their menu, working for a travel agency selling tours for tourists who speak your language, or provide independent online translation services. The more fluid you are, the more money you can make.


My friend Maria translated English site into Spanish .


$ 0.10 to 0.40 $ per word


Backpacker Hostel - Travel Tips

Dave working at a youth hostel

working travelers Backpacker hostels

Backpacker hostels are often hired to fill positions on a short term basis in exchange for free room and board. There are many types of jobs, working at the reception for household or bartender. If you plan to stay longer term, some hostels offer paid positions too. In fact, I once got paid to work in a backpackers hostel in Hawaii several years ago.


My buddy Dave working the front desk in a backpackers hostel in Singapore.


$ $ 7-10 an hour, perhaps with accommodation included


Traveling Jobs Yoga - Travel Tips

Brandon and Anne instructors yoga

Voyager Fitness instructor

another job that lets you travel the world while making money working as a freelance fitness instructor. You can give courses in Pilates, yoga, zumba, dance, or provide services as a personal trainer if you have enough experience in these areas. Some instructors make deals with local gyms or backpackers to use their facilities with customers.


My friends Brandon and Anne make money teaching yoga while traveling .


$ 30 – $ 100 per hour


Make Money Teaching English - Travel Tips

Drew teaching English in Korea

Teach English abroad

Do you know how to speak English? Soft! You may not realize it, but professional English teachers are in high demand around the world – and the pay can be decent. However, just understanding the language is not enough, it usually takes a college degree and a TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).


My buddy Drew made money teaching English in Korea


$ 2,000 – .. $ 3000 per month plus accommodation


TEFL online language course
teaching English as a foreign language for Dummies

Traveling Massage Jobs - Travel Tips

Kach Give massage on television in Peru

massage therapist

massage therapy is in demand worldwide whole as an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. trained therapists can offer their skills for weary travelers or expatriates near popular tourist destinations. Working for a large company or strike out on your own as an entrepreneur. Finding customers by teaming up with hotels and giving them a cut by referring customers. Print flyers to hang around gyms, cafes, etc.


My friend Kach made money that works as a massage therapist.


$ 50 – $ 0 per day


Blueprint success Bodyworker
massage Therapy business: Building a successful career

Make Money Traveling Webdesign - Travel Tips

Adam Designs Sites While traveling

Web / Graphic design

the one of the most common tasks for digital nomads travel is graphic design or website. All you need is your computer, an eye for design, and knowledge of certain software and online platforms. Things like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Illustrator, etc. Talent for writing code helps too – especially HTML, PHP and CSS. The school is great, but it is also possible to learn on your own with tutorials.


My buddy Adam makes money while traveling web design .


$ 1000 – 6000 $ per month


Running A Web Design Company From Home
Professional WordPress: Design & development

Cruise & Yacht Jobs - Travel Tips

Earl worked on cruise ships

work on a yacht / boat cruise

Traveling the world while working on private yachts or large cruise ships is a great way to see some very exotic locations. Food, lodging, transportation and insurance is also covered – so it’s a great way to save money. Many jobs also offer a lot of vacation time to travel on your own. There are different types of positions available: deck hand, stewardess, chef, tour director, entertainment, engineering, and more


My friend is Earl money travel & work. on a cruise ship


$ 1000 -. $ 5,000 per month


work on a cruise ship
Bible Yacht Guru

Make Money Traveling Chef - Travel Tips

Daniel head Voyager

Professional chef

working in the kitchen as a travel manager gives you the ability to work anywhere in the world. However, the hours are long, irregular and stressful. Traveling leaders can land a job in traditional restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, private yachts, food trucks, or even work for private households. Be well balanced with past experience help your chances too. The job offers are often listed online, whether in advertisements or company Web sites.


My boyfriend Daniel makes money as a traveling professional chef .


$ 9 – $ 20 per hour


Have blade Will Travel: Adventures of a head Voyager

Day Trading - Travel Tips

Marcello Day trading of Greece

Day trading

Like many jobs in this list, you can not just jump into day trading on the stock market without previous experience and expect to get rich. However, I met a lot of people who make money traveling and day trading. It usually takes a few years, and lose some money, before it starts to pay. A background in finance and cash spare to invest also helps.


Marcello My boyfriend made money Stocks day trading while traveling.


$ 100 – $ 10 000 per day


Day Trading Academy
Day trading: strategies for maximum profit

Make Money as a Street Vendor - Travel Tips

Sorina showing off her purse holster


Jewelry is section most popular for sale, but it could also be art, clothing, leather … anything where you can source local materials in bulk to manufacture a product yourself. Setting up as a supplier requires supplies, possibly meaning a longer time in one place, but if you spend a season in one place, it can be worth it. Find a place with a lot of tourist traffic as the streets or on public beaches for walking.


My friend Sorina sells leather accessories while traveling through Europe.


$ 20 – $ 0 per day


Jewelry Making & Beading For Dummies
Bohemian Inspired Jewelry using leather, ribbons, and Cord

Make Money at Festivals - Travel Tips

Kellie Working at a festival

festival circuit

You should not be a big name performer to work in festivals around the world. There are side stage acts, installations, event staff, and food vendors as well. Festivals always bring a lot of staff before, during and after events. You can time festivals Australian and New Zealand Southern Hemisphere between Canadian summer tours, American and European.


My friend Kellie makes money travel working at festivals .


free tickets – $ 12:01


How to get a job in a music festival

Make Money Scuba Instructor - Travel Tips

Antonio Makes Money Travelling as a Scuba instructor

instructor Sport

are you exceptionally good at a particular sport? Share your knowledge with others and get a job as a professional instructor. Surfing, kite surfing, skiing, scuba diving, parachuting, rock climbing, fly fishing, kayaking, tennis, sailing, mountaineering, etc. Earn an income doing what you love while traveling.


My friends Antonio & Amanda make money as Diving Instructors


$ 1000 -. $ 4000 per month


True Stories of a diving instructor diving
Ski Instructor’s Manual

Traveling Au Pair Job - Travel Tips

Ashley Travel par


a par is a live professional baby sitter or nanny hired by a family to help their children learn a new language and do some household chores in exchange for room, board and a weekly income. The work allows you to live in a foreign country, learn a new language and experience the culture first hand while making a little money.


My friend Ashley made money work as an au pair in France


$ 400 – 1000 $ per month


Pair Guide :. A useful Manuel
So you want to be an au pair?

Flight Attendant Jobs - Travel Tips

Mia work as a flight attendant

Flight Attendant

The life of a flight attendant can seem glamorous. Constantly projecting worldwide, partying in different cities, experience different cultures, 0% discount on airline tickets, hotel discounts, cheap rent, and work above the clouds. But it is hard work too. Training is hard, the hours are long, and the whole movement around can feel alone. However, for those with a case of wanderlust, he can help you travel in the world.


My friend Mia makes money traveling as a flight attendant


$ 1,000 -. $ 4000 per month


Looking Skyward: Turn Flight Attendant dreams into reality
Flight Attendant Survival Guide

Foreign Service Jobs - Travel Tips

Anna Working at an embassy

foreign Service

Working for the foreign Service (aka diplomat) or intergovernmental organization ( IGO) is the work of a travel that allows you to experience life in another part of the world. Most of those government jobs are open to people with diplomas or university foreign language knowledge. Applications and tests for these types of positions can be found online.


My friend Anna worked for the Polish Embassy London


$ 500 – . $ 10,000 per month


So, you want my job: foreign service officer

Travel Photographer Jobs - Travel Tips

Brendan photographer travel


Become a travel adventure or professional photographer and selling your images around the world takes years of hard work. You can upload bulk photos to micro-stock sites or sell images directly to clients for use in magazines, books, brand campaigns, or websites. During guided tours photography and selling online tutorials are additional ways to make money as a street photographer.


My friend Brendan wrote a eye-opening article. working as a professional travel photographer these days


$ 1000 – $ 10,000 per month


Going Pro: Making money with photography
How to become a travel photographer

Traveling Writer Job - Travel Tips

Jodi Food & Travel Writer

Travel Writer

Writing on travel seems to be a dream job for many, but it is not something most people simply can jump into. First, you need to be a great writer. Then you need to learn about networking, pitching to publishers, and all other business stuff involved. Once you have those down, then it is possible to write for magazines, newspapers, websites or guide books. Copywriting and other types of writing are also options.


My friend Jodi earns income on the road as travel & food writer .


$ 0.10 to 1.00 $ per word


Make Money Amazon Store - Travel Tips

Aileen earns income with Amazon

drop Shipping / Amazon FBA

There are some names and variations, but buying products to abroad and the re-branding and sales through Amazon is a way of becoming more common to make money while traveling. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) means you do not have an actual storefront location because the products are stored at Amazon network of treatment centers worldwide.


My friend Aileen makes money Travel & selling products on Amazon


$ 1000 -. $ 30,000 per month


Build Brands & Sell With Amazon FBA
Amazon Sale Blueprint

Make Money Travel Blogging - Travel Tips

Blogging hard in Mexico!


Making money as a blogger on a trip is a dream job for many. But like most things in life, it is single sentence. Making a living with a blog is hard work – and can take years. A blog about travel is not the only option, other examples include food bloggers, mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers and lifestyle bloggers. Income generally comes from advertising, affiliate sales, books, influencers projects, etc. But you must first build an audience!


Me! Check out my resources below on how to become a travel blogger


$ 500 -. $ 20,000 + per month


Make Money Traveling Musician - Travel Tips

Nadia made money working as a musician

Musician / Street Performer

also known as busking , use your best talents to make money from tourists. Create an act, grab an instrument, choose a place with lots of foot traffic, and file a hat. Many cities require a permit for busking, so be sure to do your research first. Do you have any special talents? Acrobatics, painting, fortune telling, music, break dance, henna art, it could be anything.


My friend Nadia made money traveling and playing street music .


$ 10 – $ 100 per hour


Busking For Fun & Profit
Busking and Street Performing to fund your travels

Make Money Traveling AirBnB - Travel Tips

Alyssa made money through the AirBnB rentals


I’m sure you have heard talk of AirBnB now, the booking site of the holiday that allows you to stay in other people’s houses rather than hotels. Well some enterprising individuals rent their apartments while they are traveling, making decent income. The key is to automate the process as much as possible so you do not have to be there in person.


My friend Alyssa makes money rent his apartment AirBnB


$ 1000 – $ 7000 + per month


Get Paid for Your Pad
Earn money on Airbnb

Make Money Traveling Seasonal Jobs - Travel Tips

Brian construction work

seasonal jobs

I met many travelers around the world who work seasonally, spending the year win money and then travel for months in the off-season. The number of jobs in this category are countless. };