A Trip to Camiguin: The Island Born of Fire!

Camiguin is an island province located on the northern coast of Mindanao. It is the second smallest in the Philippines in terms of area and population next only Batanes.

Just this weekend, together with my friends – we invade the province! Our long journey began in a bus 8 hours of Davao City to Cagayan De Oro. From the bus station of the Agora, we rented a van will Balingoan Port – about 1 hour and 30 minutes of travel time depending on the vehicle speed. Then we took a barge Balingoan Port will Benoni Port – another travel time 1 hour. To summarize, we traveled 10 hours and 30 minutes to the “The Island Born of Fire”, but it was worth it!
When we got off the barge, we were welcomed by many residents who offer their tourist services. The driver of our visit was already waiting for us and therefore wasted no time! We had our first breakfast in Bistro Lagoon prior to our long day of sightseeing. We planned to visit six attractions in Camiguin know Sto Niño Cold Spring, old church, cemetery Sunken Walkway to the Cross, Katibawasan Falls and Ardent Hot Spring.

First Stop :. Sto Niño Cold Spring If you are looking for a peaceful spot in Camiguin, this one head. The place is perfect for a quite cold spring getaway.

Second stop :. Old Church Ruins The church was destroyed when Mt volcano erupted in 1871. You can still see pieces of the old church structures.

Third stop :. Sunken Cemetery This is one of the famous tourist attractions of the island of Camiguin. The famous cross sitting in the middle of the sea is famous for photo background. According to residents, the graves are still visible under water until then. Locals are ready to take you on the cross for a small fee of 20 pesos per head.

Fourth stop :. Walkway to the Old Volcano This place is especially crowded during the Lenten season. We are not all the way there we will take a few minutes to reach the summit we just had our photo-op in the early stages … lol!

Before going to our next stop, we dropped our things Cottages Paguia where we spend the night. The place is big enough to accommodate 8 people. The room is air conditioned and has cable TV. Unfortunately, their WIFI is very slow, we were unable to enjoy. It was late in the afternoon when we had our lunch at the Northern Lights restaurant. The food was sumptuous and the price is right. After filling our empty stomach, we are now ready to continue our adventure.

Fifth stop :. Katibawasan Falls Too bad it was raining when we got there. The water above the falls was muddy and guests were not allowed to dive into the water. So we just had our photos taken with the falls behind.

Before going to our last stop for the day, we went to their “Centro” to buy and lanzones famous food pasalubong called “pastel”. Camiguin is famous for its Lanzones festival in August

Sixth stop :. Ardent Hot Spring We finished our day trip with a hot spring bath. This was my first time to take a bath in a hot spring and it was a nice feeling. The warm water can really ease the tension in your muscles.

Then we returned to Paguia Cottages to relax our tired bodies from a day of travel and adventure. The next day we head to White Island . When you are in Camiguin, you must not miss this island. It is not comparable to Boracay, but many tourists go here to complete their journey of Camiguin. There are no cottages or restaurants here; with you are just crystal clear water and white sand.

Then it was time to say goodbye to the island Born of Fire. We returned to Benoni Port to return to Cagayan De Oro for our flight 17 hours!
I had a wonderful time in Camiguin province and certainly a must visit in the northern part of Mindanao!

For those who want to go to Camiguin. Here are the estimated expenses

Go to Camiguin

  • Bus Fare (Davao and CDO) -. Php575
  • Van Rental is Balingoan Php1200
  • Fare Ferry (of Balingoan Port to Benoni Port) – – Php170
  • Package – Php1700 (the rate Cottages Paguia)
  • Accommodation Room – Php2000 (Cottages rate Paguia Port)


  • Sto Niño Cold Spring – Php20
  • Katibawasan Falls – Php20
  • Ardent Hotspring – Php30

Back to Cagayan de Oro
  • Ferry Fare (Benoni Port to Port Balingoan) – Php170
  • Van Rental go to Cagayan de Oro airport – Php1800