Hanging Out Of A Helicopter Over Manhattan

Hanging Out Of A Helicopter Over Manhattan


Scenic Helicopter Flights in New York

New York, New York

One of the best ways to see New York City is by air, and the airline helicopter allows you to swing your feet over famous landmarks in Manhattan for photos amazing!

I am a fanatic of the complete helicopter. Sometimes I think if I had not become a travel blogger, I became a professional helicopter pilot now.

Free Soaring above the clouds, just hovering hundreds of feet above the mountains or buildings, able to take off and land almost anywhere.

Helicopters are incredible machines. Although expensive, I try to hitch a ride in one as soon as I can for a truly unique experience of photography.

In addition, helicopters are so damn funny!


Eurocopter TwinStar AS355 “Angry Bird”

Manhattan Skyline

Scenic Helicopter NYC flight

After all the times I went to New York over the years, I’ve never taken a scenic helicopter flight over Manhattan. He was Instagram who finally convinced me to take the plunge and dive into a helicopter aerial photography adventure.

I started seeing these crazy “selfies shoes” showing in my flow on current accounts. Photographers took pictures of their shoes floating on the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building and Central Park.

A company called FlyNYON are those that make these shots epic Instagram possible with their crazy helicopter flights picturesque open on some of the most famous landmarks in Manhattan.

Open Door Helicopter Tour - Manhattan

What a crazy ride!

Shoe Selfie Photo - Manhattan

New York City Shoe selfie

gateway Photography Flight

Here’s the thing about aerial photography. For best pictures, you do not want a window in front of your goal. So fly in a helicopter without doors is the ideal way to capture sharp images and incredibly clear air.

Anna and I started our adventure from Blade Lounge Heliport in midtown Manhattan, where FlyNYON team informed us about security and asked where we wanted to go.

There were 4 of us to go, and we discussed that LandMarks we should visit during our helicopter 15 minutes. They we were also equipped with body harness.

Flying a helicopter over New York without doors mean you have to be strapped into a safety harness. Your camera gear is also attached so it does not fall on people below or sucked into the rotor.

You literally dangling your feet in front of the door on skates!

Inside the Helicopter - Manhattan

Christi Rocking controls

Empire State Building - Manhattan

Empire State Building from the Sky

FlyNYON Helicopter Experience

Our driver badass Christi took us out to his sleek black AS355 Eurocopter TwinStar “Angry Bird” to be attached to. the engines were turned off and we flew in the sky!

We then soared to some of the most iconic landmarks of New York as the island’s governor, the Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park, One World Trade Center, the Empire State Building and Central Park .

Earlier, Christi was pulling my photography equipment, making sure nothing will fall apart once we were flying. I thought she was a little rough …

Until I felt the strength of the blades whipping around directly above my head 1000 feet in the air. It was like a mini-tornado!

Helicopter Photo Tour - Manhattan

Plan Hard tail rotor

Central Park NYC - Manhattan

flying over Central Park

Incredible Aerial Adventure

in the beginning it is a little unnerving to sit on a helicopter thousands of feet in the air. But slowly you get more comfortable as the flight continues.

Finally, I trusted the harness enough to look and feel the power of the wind that adrenaline in my veins, take pictures of the tail of the helicopter rotter.

When the helicopter banks sideways in a turn, you are looking down at the top of the massive skyscrapers of New York, the only thing that prevents you from plummeting to death is these straps!

If you are in New York and want to have the experience of a lifetime, make sure you book a flight epic open ariel photography helicopter door FlyNYON . You will not regret it. ★

Watch the video: helicopter over New York City

(Click to see helicopter over New York City on YouTube)

More information

Location: New York, New York [ Card ]
Company: FlyNYON Helicopter Experience
total cost: $ 0 – $ 400 USD
useful notes: They offer several different packages, from 12 to 30 minute flight or you can organize a trip custom. Flights depart either Midtown Manhattan or New Jersey
Recommended Guide :. Lonely Planet New York City
Suggested Reading: True Tales of the life of a New York cop

Would you fly in a helicopter without doors like this

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