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Team Building at Villa Amparo Garden Resort in Samal


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It has been two long years since we had our last team building. It was always a wonderful feeling to take some time off from work and just enjoy the day with your colleagues. We decided to hold our...

Isla Reta in Talicud Island – Samal


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Whenever Samal is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Why not? After all, it is probably the most famous beach in the city of Garden Island Samal. However, not everyone can...

Take Time Out at Blue Waters Resort in Samal Island


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Blue Waters is just one of the many beautiful beaches in the city of Garden Island Samal. Turquoise waters and white sand beaches and not to mention tranquil atmosphere is ideal for those who want to leave the city...

Tinuy-an Falls, Enchanted River, and Britania Group of Islands Rates and Amenities


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in my previous post, I mentioned about my recent trip to Surigao Del Sur. We visited three of the famous tourist destinations of the province -. Tinuy-an Falls, Enchanted River, and Britania Group of Islands For the benefit of...

Surigao Adventure


Categories : best tourist destination britania group of islands enchanted river surigao del sur tinuy-an falls Travel world travel guide

Surigao Del Sur is blessed with many natural wonders! If you want to be impressed by the beauty of nature, then head to Surigao Del Sur. It is located in the CARAGA region which is about 5-6 hours drive...

Experience The Beauty of Nature at Eden Nature Park


Categories : best tourist destination davao city eden nature park mindanao nature lover tourist spots Travel

closer to nature is never a problem when you go to Eden nature Park. Eden Nature Park is just one of the many tourist attractions in Davao City. It is about an hour and a half drive from Davao...

Bohol Countryside Tour Experience


Categories : bohol countryside tour panglao beach tourist destination Travel world travel guide

Bohol is a great place if you want to enjoy nature. My friends and I was able to visit the place last March and we really want to return. We were fortunate to have a very accommodating guide but...

Traditional Dhow Cruise with Dinner: A World Travel Guide


Categories : asian country best tourist destination dubai tourist destination Travel world travel guide

the city of Dubai was once known as one of the Arab cities, but it quickly rose to fame as the most popular destinations. It is famous for many things, its sprawling shopping areas safaris into the desert to...

World Travel Guide on Full Day Hatta Desert Safari


Categories : best tourist destination dubai hatta desert safari Travel world travel guide

Dubai is one of the fastest developing cities in the world. In fact, there are many modern architectures being developed in the area as it is slowly but surely becoming a dream vacation of a modern vacationeer. But if...

World Travel Guide: Experience The Wild Side of Emirates Mountains


Categories : best tourist destination dubai emirates mountains Travel world travel guide

If you are looking for more variety in your holidays in Dubai, why not try a trip to the Emirates mountains? Indeed, it may still come as a surprise to many that there are many activities in store for...

World Travel Guide to Dubai Shopping Tour


Categories : asian country best tourist destination dubai middle east Travel world travel guide

shopping is one of the most popular tourist activities in the city of Dubai. No wonder it is known as the shopping capital of the Middle East! Indeed, shopping towers of Dubai are famous for those who want to...

World Travel Guide To The Bahamas


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The Bahamas consists of several islands that every tour will take time. But that’s part of the appeal of this world famous tourist destination, because there are endless possibilities for you to have fun, but the fun means to...

World Travel Guide To Hidden Paradise of St. Martin – St. Maarten


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despite its reputation as an adult playground, the dual nation island governance St. Martin – St. Maarten is actually a place for families. This is due in part to the diversity of tourist activities and sites that you can...

World Travel Guide To Budapest, Hungary


Categories : best tourist destination budapest hungary Travel world travel guide

when planning a trip to Europe, most tourists would think to visit Paris, London and Madrid, among other famous destinations on the continent. However, there is a particular city in Central / Eastern Europe is slowly but surely capture...

World Travel Guide To Zurich, Switzerland


Categories : best tourist destination switzerland Travel world travel guide zurich

Switzerland is known as one of the most livable and progressive countries in the world. Therefore, a visit to Zurich for a vacation is the best way to experience how it is like Swiss style live. Indeed, travelers are...

Experiencing Majestic Prague


Categories : best tourist destination europe prague Travel world travel guide

Prague, Czech Republic has long been shrouded in mystical Gothic. But in the two decades of space or more, he finally established himself as one of the must-visit cities in Europe and worldwide. It has slowly but surely built...

Maui – The Ultimate Hawaiian Getaway


Categories : best tourist destination hawaii maui Travel world travel guide

Maui is known as the most popular island in the Hawaiian chain and the reason is obvious. He is naturally gifted with breathtaking scenery, beaches and underwater life which makes it well suited for active travelers. If you are...

World Travel Guide To Aruba


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could Aruba the smaller islands of the Caribbean, but it is also the most popular and frequented by tourists. Its southwest coast, in particular, is popular because it is dynamic with casinos, hotels, white sandy beaches and marine life....

Spain’s Gem: Barcelona


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When talking of the best vacation spots in Europe or the world for that matter, Barcelona is one of those cities that will never go wrong in the list. It is fittingly known as the jewel of the Mediterranean...

The Magnificent Taal Lake


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“What berlingots we, who claim to live for beauty, and never see the Dawn “by Logan Pearsall Smith. In the world we live in, our way of life has been made easier and more convenient with the existence of...