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Brand New Biggest Ever Limited Time Signup Bonuses for American AAdvantage Credit Cards


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I receive compensation for many links on this blog. You don’t have to use these links, but I am grateful to you if you do. American Express, Citibank, Chase, and other banks are advertising partners of this site. Any...

Why United is Uncompetitive, and Their Only Hope is Ignorant Customers Who Don’t Know Their Choices


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Three months ago United Airlines started selling highly restrictive ‘basic economy fares’ on a test bases on routes between Minneapolis St. Paul and the airline’s hubs. These fares don’t allow advance seat assignments, ticket changes, or a full sized...

Air Canada Launching New Frequent Flyer Program in 2020, Ditching Exclusive Deal With Aeroplan


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Aeroplan announced last night that discussions with Air Canada on extending their relationship had broken down. Air Canada announced this morning that it’s going to launch its own new loyalty program when Aeroplan exclusivity ends in June 2020. The...

Customs Even Worse Than TSA? Hazes Officers on ‘Rape Table’ to the Theme from Jackass


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We give up our traveling freedoms in the name of security, even skeptics say ‘well of course we want 100% safety’ but occasionally criticize certain measures that do literally nothing to improve security or are actually counterproductive. When in...

Know Your Benefits: Amex Platinum Medical Evacuation Claim on Award Ticket Saves $275,000


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Reader Arthur‘s parents were in Singapore on an award trip he helped to book using Membership Rewards points transferred to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer. Taxes were paid with his father’s American Express Platinum card. They flew Atlanta – New York...

Laptop Ban Announcement Expected Tomorrow for Flights from Europe to US


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On Monday I wrote that the electronics ban on flights to the U.S. from certain Mideast airports could be extended to European flights, with an announcement coming not earlier than today. European security officials are saying the decision is...

The Powerpoint Slide American CEO Doug Parker Wishes He Had Never Shown


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American Airlines revealed last week that they’ll be introducing the worst, least comfortable seats in the history of US legacy airlines. The distance from seat back to seat back in coach will be as tight as 29 inches, down...

All The Cuteness You Need: Toronto Airport Rescues Baby Raccoon


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Passengers waiting at baggage claim at Toronto Pearson airport Friday afternoon discovered a baby raccoon peaking out from the ceiling tiles above the luggage carousels. At Toronto Pearson Airport, we spotted this little fellow checking to see who had...

American Will Offer Less Legroom, But Don’t Worry You Get Less Comfortable Seats and No Seatback Video Too!


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BoardingArea blogger and teenager The Unaccompanied Flyer interviewed American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and asked about the airline’s plans to squeeze more seats into Boeing 737s — meaning less legroom. They’re going from a 31 inch standard in regular...

Delta Brags About How They Stay So Humble and Economist on Passengers Flying to Wrong Cities


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News and notes from around the interweb: I laughed out loud: Cranky Flier asked CEO Ed Bastian how Delta keeps from “getting too cocky”. Yes, Delta, please do brag about how you stay so humble. Oh, wait.. The Economist‘s...

Caribbean Award Tickets on Sale Through Wednesday Only


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Delta puts a specific award on sale usually each month and this month it’s economy roundtrip awards to the Caribbean. Delta pretends to no longer have award charts. The truth is they are just hidden. That’s why they can...

Did American Really Downgrade Woman Because Of Her Race? (Not All Complaints About Airlines are True)


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I’ve covered many stories recently of passengers being treated badly by major US airlines. We don’t always have all the information, but when there’s video or other evidence and the airline acknowledges poor customer service I may not always...

Southwest is Inspiring People With How Well it Treated a Customer… But Don’t Be Fooled


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After United called the cops on a passenger and he was dragged off the plane and bloodied, an American flight attendant nearly hit a baby with its stroller, and a Delta flight attendant threatened to have the government take...

Did United Lock the World’s Biggest Rabbit in a Freezer For Hours and Then Cremate It Without Permission?


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In the aftermath of the death of a rabbit expected to become the world’s largest in the hands of United Airlines (bred by a former Playboy Bunny), United told employees to tell customers who asked that the rabbit’s breeder...

United Takes Revenge on Passenger Videotaping Bad Customer Service


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Airline employees have been given too much power in our hyper-security environment. Post-9/11 any customer service disagreement can be viewed through the lens of a potential ‘distraction’ which might precipitate a terrorist attack. Employees call in law enforcement if...

Got 5 Seconds? Watch an Airline CEO Get a Pie in the Face During Speech


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How does an airline CEO sleep? First he lies on one side, then he lies on the other. What’s the difference between a good airline CEO and a bad airline CEO? A bad CEO’s airline drags a passenger off...

Cops Drag Unhappy Passengers Out of Terminal as Spirit Airlines Cancels Flights


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Police were called in to the Fort Lauderdale airport as Spirit Airlines flight cancellations frustrated travelers. Several customers were arrested. Carter said there were no injuries reported and things seemed to be under control now. She did not say...

Decision to Extend Inflight Electronics Ban to Europe Flights Could Come As Soon As Wednesday


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Two weeks ago I wrote that the US government was considering extending the ban on inflight electronics to flights coming from Europe, not just the Mideast. The electronics ban is a silly policy that doesn’t promote security and the...

Tomorrow is a Huge Day for Southwest Airlines and How to Get Service Problems Fixed


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News and notes from around the interweb: Southwest moves its domestic reservation system to Amadeus tomorrow. It’s more complex for staff to use but allows the airline to schedule flights more flexibly (rather than having the exact same schedule...

Earn 100,000 Miles for Your Mortgage from Chase (and Other Big Real Estate Offers)


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When I bought a condo in 2006 I earned six figures in United miles for being referred to a realtor. Basically they were rebating a bit more than half their commission in the form of United miles. There are...