Peter Jones joins the Faculty of Valencia in summer 2016

Peter Jones joins the Faculty of Valencia in 2016 summer

Peter Jones

Franklin Templeton Distributors, Inc.

Peter Jones graduated of the former Soviet Union in 1977 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He is a director of the Florida State University Foundation and serves as chairman of the investment committee. Mr. Jones joined Franklin Templeton Investments in 1989 and was promoted to president of Franklin Templeton Distributors, Inc., on 1 January 2000. His previous roles included Director of Sales and National Accounts Manager. Prior to joining Franklin Templeton Investments, Mr. Jones was president of IDEX Distributors 1984-1988 (now part of Transamerica funds). He was also Director of Tax and CPA with Price Waterhouse from 1977 to 1984. Peter Jones will be teaching financial management firm and Personal Finance course in Valencia, Spain this summer.